With Both Feet

January 16, 2017

Author Antonio Machado once said "Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking." Likewise, My mom used to say, "the only way to know you like ketchup on your burger, is to try one with mustard."

When we chose to move in a direction that is new or foreign to us, it can be so easy to talk ourselves out of going any further. It's in our nature; we feel compelled to weigh the things that we possess (our knowledge up to that point) against the prospect of having that taken away or destroyed. Unfortunately, growth does not come about this way. Venturing into the unknown does not only open us up to the prospect of unforseen rewards, it also helps to put that which is already known into perspective. Ask any pioneer, in any field, and they will tell you that they didn't get where they are by going through life fearful of what may come, but by jumping into the unknown "with both feet!"

In this episode, we sit down with Fran & Simon; a first-time interracial couple out of New Jersey. We explore how this "both-feet" mentality has underscored their entire relationship. We also look at how it has created a wealth of wonderful experiences not only for eachother, but for each of their families. This episode is filled with optimism, and is a perfect way to start of 2017.


Also, thanks to composer Kielen King for creating new music for the Hamster Village! He's great, and you should definitely check him out at www.starpilotmusic.com!


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