Love Can Wait

January 24, 2017

In the words of The SOS Band, "Baby, we can do it/ Take the time, do it right.."

In this episode, we sit down with Christopher & Rachel to talk about the many different aspects of their relationship, which developed over a span of years before it became romantic. We explore what made them wait so long before dating, what happened after they got together, and the role that each of thier families play in their relationship. With Chris being a child of Chinese immigrants, and Rachel coming from Irish/German descent, we examine what happened when both families came together, and how those interactions changed them all for the better. We also get a sense of their feelings toward the current racial climate in our society, as well as their hopes/concerns for the future. It's a great episode, and example, for new interracial couples! Take a listen.


Caveat: In a part of the episode, Nathan refers to Chris as "China-man". It was referencing Chris's old radio DJ name, and not just some out of the blue, derogatory comment. Unfortunately, there was not enough room for the explanation of the name, but will be released in a later archived version.


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