Love And Live

June 22, 2017

“So know your motive, and let your motive be motivation.”

- Oswin Benjamin


In this episode, we sit down with Natasha & Larnell Bruce Sr.; an interracial couple out of Vancouver, Washington. If their names seem familiar, it may be because they were in the news recently after their son was the victim of a hate crime, in which he lost his life, in August of 2016. We talk about how they managed to take that act of hate, and turn it into a tool of love and acceptance. The title of this episode, “Love And Live”, is also the title of their new non-profit, aimed at supporting victims/survivors of hate crimes, and discrimination. 


We also talk about bringing together a blended household from previous relationships, What they enjoy/appreciate the most about each other, and ideas/hopes they have for future generations free of hate.


We should also note, though we didn’t talk about it in the interview it is worth mentioning; Larnell Bruce Jr, saved the lives of 5 different people, with the donation of his organs upon his passing. It is an example of “turning hate into an act of love” that we could not pass up!

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