Interracial Inquiries: Monkey Onesie

March 23, 2017

This is a special Q & A segment of The Hamster Village, called “Interracial Inquiries,” where host Nathan Brannon answers a question from you, the listeners. Nathan enlists the help of previous guests to chime in from their own perspectives as well. For this question, Nathan is joined by Shain Brenden and Sarah Frazier; an interracial couple from the episode “Half & Half.” Here is the question that they attempt to answer:

“Hey Nathan. Can you help me out? My husband & I just had a beautiful baby boy. As a gift, my mother-in-law bought him a baby onesie with a huge MONKEY on the chest. I would be fine with it, if I weren’t one of the only Black people in the neighborhood. I can’t give it back, and I’d be VERY uncomfortable dressing him up in it, and taking him around the town. How would you handle this?”

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