Half & Half

February 1, 2017

You know those couples that go out in public, wearing the same outfits? This is not one of those couples!... Well, they might be; we only sat with them for about 2 hours. It would probably be pretty easy to hide something like that for a couple hours… Regardless, this couple is very unique and interesting!

We sat down with Sarah & Shain in this episode; they are not only an interracial couple, they are also both multiracial. They give a very honest insight into the experiences of mixed people, as well as how those experiences are affected when you are married to another mixed person.

We also pose a question, from one of our listeners, to Sarah & Shain. Below is the text of the question that was asked:

Hi Nathan.

I am Latino, and my wife is White (with a German background). We just had a little baby boy, and I am concerned about him knowing about his heritage. I really want him to know about my side, but I do not want to overshadow her side. How do I strike the right balance? Thank you.


Do you have a similar situation? Check out their answers!

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